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nice setup nik t. very similar to mine. ive got
mackie d.2
krk monitors

nice, xone is the only way to go best mixer ever i don't yet have serato but its very quickly becoming very high on my need list.. same with a decent pair of monitors, eyeing off BM6A's but they will be staying away from the DJ booth


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^^^ But do you have a whole big box of Ferrero Rochers?

haha its a shame i don't eat chocolate its all about icecream!!


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hey nick where can i get one of those transformer phones that transforms into a macbook?

Only in my secret lair hahaha


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What are you doing for sound (ie. speakers)?

I have a 10" stage wedge on the floor which rocks for mixing at home and about 5 metres away from that is my stereo that consists of NAD 705 Reciever, NAD 501 CD Player, Marantz SP-35 Pre Amp and NAD 7020 Reciever but only the power amp works, a pair of 1975 DCM Timewindows and a pair of 12" sub bins i built myself i find i like it too loud for studio monitors so the stage monitor and stereo are a perfect combination

just took a photo