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lol thanks guys, the stand is actually pretty good considering its a few bits of mdf and nice piece of timber across the front which i knocked up in about 30 min, didn't plan for it but the fascia sits perfectly under the cd slot so they kind of tuck in to the stand which i was stoked about. KRK RP8's are kick ass and i am very happy with them, nice and clear and although the lows are bit a blander than i would like, the monitors still punch, but hey thats what the v10 sub is for. Highs and mids, no complaints, very happy with that. I am waiting till i move out of home in about 6 months so im gunna get the sub then, i love my setup, cost me a pretty penny, but every penny well spent, no regrets

Slick rig, but any dramas with the speaker drivers firing STRAIGHT into the turntable cartridges?