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Re: Crisis.

As has been said before, great tunage, rubbish mixes.

However, getting to hear some of the best tracks on the planet that other people weren't playing, at a time when the majority (DJs included) were obsessed with the same 20 odd italian-esque anthems, which hardly take one anywhere musically, Crisis was an innovator for Sydney during the early to mid 90s.

Such a shame his mixing was quite often woeful. I still absolutely dig much of the tracks he sourced.

I think Crisis is somewhat of a legacy to the way the rave scene started out. What I mean by that is he, and George Vagas, are true examples that once upon a time the rave scene (and the electronic scene in general) was purely about the music and nothing else. Why was that? Because they got away with being bad mixers for so long, but were still revered as gods by many purely because of the access they had to great music. And that's all it was about - music. Long before the days of the internet, whoever had first access to the best vinyl shipments (or the best contacts overseas) and who had the balls to play something different generally won the race to the top, which is why I think Vagas and Crisis dominated for so many years. As soon as styles changed, dance music commercialized and the internet started to develop giving people access to the same records as every other DJ, the playing field became much more level and those that couldn't keep up were relegated to the past.

I've always found Crisis to be a top bloke and he really did give 110% every time he got behind the decks. I don't think anyone rocked around so hard and tried to do so much with decks and a mixer, even if it didn't work out allot of the time