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Stanton c314's amd a Stanton m304.....pretty plain boring set up but has served me pretty well. Looking to upgrade soon, been at the point of handing the cash over for some cdj 1000's about 3 times but backed out because of different reasons (last one was car rego....damn car rego getting in the way of my splashing cash!)

Looks a bit plain and boring in the room cause I only just moved, my cdj's were the first thing to be set up at the new place though, then the tv, then the computer, and all my clothes are still in box's....! Normally have my laptop set up next to them to record but its at a mates place.

Made the table myself, its particle board and looks like shit, hence the sheet over it.

Thats about it at my place, apart from the gemini peices of shit and beringer peice of shit mixer that is slowly rusting away under the table!