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Two channels is sufficient for me. The whole 3 deck wizardry isn't really for me, i'd rather focus on two tracks and make them work better and i don't really do the whole acapella/sample dropping as for me personally it doesnt work with what i play.

I don't need extra channels for my cdjs as thats what the line/phono switch is for.

If/when this mixer finally gives up the ghost i might consider it, but if i can get a 2ch mixer that does what i need and costs less i'll go with the 2ch version.

your spot on there mate.. i didn't need the mixer i purchased when i got mine..

the other day i was think about all this dj tech comming out and the future of djing.. Its great.. a kid can learn how to dj now under $2000 total..maybe cheaper

I think that alot of people run out there and purchase what the industry claims to be standard when in fact.. it may be standard for a professional dj.. the kid has 3-5 even 7 years to get the that level..

i say buy simple set up. no need for effects and shit.. fancy shit.. just learn how to beatmix.. then learn how to collect and then throw a few parties..

spend the money wizely and have fun with it.. can't have fun when your thinking about that nasty credit card bills in the mail every week and now you don't have a job, smokin cones everyday listening to some hard trance ya mum just got ya.lol

its late... of to bed now
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