My Kit

No posers here. I moved to Tokyo so I sold my 1200 mkII's, CDJ 800's and DJM 600 for this. Made a little money with the difference too and I couldn't be happier!

All together I have:
*3 X Dennon DN s1000 - fucking incredible CDJ's and they only cost me $360 each! I'm going as far to say they shit on the CDJ 800's and are a fraction of the prices. They have 2 loop points/hot cues and built in effects.
*Vestax PMV 175 mixer - not bad, can't complain for the price. Takes a little getting used to but after that it's quite workable.
*JBL On Tour Portable Speakers - yep, have a laugh! But I don't have a clue what the noise restrictions and laws are like here, so I don't want to piss the neighbours off. I have a small room so they work pretty well for the size.
*Sennheiser HD25 Headphones - I'd be lost without them! I used to rely on my monitors a lot at home, but now everything is done through these bad boys because my monitors can't be pumped.
I'll be back...

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