yeah this isn't actually my mix, but one of my good mates whom i'm helping out.

Ellis in WoNderLand half hour promo mix

1. Killer Bump (Ellis in WoNdermash) – Malente Vs Aphletic
2. Plastic Fantastic (Riva Starr’s cheeky as f**k remix) - Madox
3. Don’t be shy (Speaker Junk Remix) – Spektrum
4. Freakshow Disco #3 – T-Rek
5. Set your body free (Crookers remix) – Gordon Edge
6. Mr Dj (Speakerjunk’s tarantula remix) – Charlean Dance
7. When I hear Mu’Sic – Duke Dumont
8. B.t.t.t.t.r.y. (Bag Raiders remix) – K.I.M.

its only a half hour so not too long if you hate it

all feedback would be great! thanks

Oh and was made on the latest Denon's
Can never have enough good music:


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For spacey acid disco/sick dj madness:

good enough for Danny Tenaglia to follow -->