Here's a new one. I've been agonising trying to put some almost perfect mix on the net and am over it.

Inspired by a mate, I just started, mixed and finished.
Dunno if it goes ok, just enjoy the tunes - at least they're good

1. Matt Tolfrey - Shakil (Claude von Stroke rmx)
2. Kissogram - My Friend is a Sea Horse (Dan Berkson rmx)
3. Clarisse Movemba - Roses
4. Justin Martin - Nightowl
5. Lazy Fat People - Pixel Girl
6. Monoblock - Sugar Morph
7. Gaiser - Withdrawal
8. Lee Mortimor - Mush
9. Pornbugs - Famished Troop (Elastique rmx)
10. Arto Mwambe - Noh Ngamebo
11. Poni Hoax - Antibodies (Chateau Flight rmx)
12. Zoexenia - Cherish
13. Henrik Schwarz / Ame / Dixon - Where You At pt2
14. Voom Voom - Best Friend (Charles Webster rmx)


These would be some of the more interesting tunes that are still fairly dancefloor friendly that I've bought in the last month or so.
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