here is a 14 minute mix i did the other day. there's nothing like a bit of chi town booty to get the heart started

making love to a prostitute mix


1. iz and diz 'mouth' classic
2. plastikman 'plink plonk' minus
3. krikor 'la meute' karat
4. mistake 'lil tug tug' microcosm music
5. dj amar 'in her mouth' icebox records
6. steve poindexter 'work that muthafucka' djaxx records
7. cajmere 'brighter days' cajual records
8. steve poindexter 'born to freak' djaxx records
[font=Courier New][color=blue]lazin with razzles hobby horse mix
Les Enfants Perdue deep behind enemy lines mix