Synik - ChordiallyInvited
Now before you think it, someone has pointed out the somewhat lame nature of the pun of this mix. I have no idea why or how I manage to be so poor in form but I can't be assed reuploading it.

Bit of a mix of some fairly recent tunes I'm liking. This is like a radio mix so don't expect anything to revolutionary in that regard. At least I was in a much better way than the StiffDrink mix so it should be a bit better.

Anyway, its all about the tracks:

1. Matt Tolfrey - Shakil (Claude von Stroke rmx)
2. Kissogram - My Friend is a Sea Horse (Dan Berkson rmx)
3. Clarisse Movemba - Roses
4. Justin Martin - Nightowl
5. Lazy Fat People - Pixel Girl
6. Monoblock - Sugar Morph
7. Gaiser - Withdrawal
8. Stimmer - Funkworm
9. Lee Mortimor - Mush
10. Pornbugs - Famished Troop (Elastique rmx)
11. Arto Mwambe - Noh Ngamebo
12. Poni Hoax - Antibodies (Chateau Flight rmx)
13. Zoexenia - Cherish
14. Henrik Schwarz / Ame / Dixon - Where You At pt2
15. Voom Voom - Best Friend (Charles Webster rmx)


Hope a few people enjoy
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