Bill - Cures What Ails Me

Diagnosis: Early warning signs include lowered sense of humour, a case of the blahs and general beigeness. But when symptoms of exhaustion from urban chaos, office politics, minglephobia or workaholism explode into full-blown burnout, it doesn’t necessarily mean a mad dash to the therapist is in order. Sometimes the cure is as simple as filling a prescription to party.

01. Alta Infidelidad - Gran Unión [Thinner]
02. Cj Tari - La Tarea (Guti Remix) [Miniatura]
03. Carl Najafi - Superdimensionality [Kreatur Musik]
04. Jason And The Argonauts - 500eurodureschoenen (Ion Ludwig Remix) [Produkt Schallplatten]
05. Stewart McKeown - Booze Bus [Unfoundsound]
06. Cedric Eteocle - The City [Unfoundsound]
07. Dyude - Tryolo [indigo*magenta]
08. Omar Salgado - Petalos [Unfoundsound]
09. Someone Else - Play It Kershaw (Barem's Hooyee Mix) [Foundsound]
10. Franco Bianco - La Campana De La Nonna (Truss Remix) [Miniscule]
11. Bardo - X []
12. Jeik - Nitro [Toys For Boys]
13. Richard Parker - On My Mind [Pinksilver]

Many thanks to the laid back macbook attack of Richard Parker for hosting duties

abstract electronica and drone. lights off, cans on, freak out...