here's some more

Syntedit - make your own vst plugins
Fre(a)kscope - FFT spectrum analyzer
S(M)exoscope - oscilliscope
Sonogram sg-1 - VST free Sound analyzer
Ace Music JP - AutoWah Sparkle smiley magic alice candy light yes universe tremolo
Aciddose - Link2 - Xhip beta
Amplifier Stimulation List - great post by mutant
Analog Industries Filterizer - free normal state-variable filter
Ant - powerful free softsynth
Anwida DX Reverb
Arcdev Noise Industries - Check out Wavehack - sampler with timestretching, crunchy and lofi
Aruguru Stardust - powerful mastering plugin - free !
Asynth - Antti - Asynth, Phase90, Saro
Audiobulb Sophia - nice ambiences and modulated sounds - Delay Lama - singing monk - great gui!
Augur - VST prophet clone, previously known as VSynth
Beat Slicing with SFZ
Beta Bugs Audio - Bugpack
Big Tick- Cheeze Machine, Delay, SO many more - three osc syn with FM, good filters, etc
BlueCat - Freeware Stereo Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Digital Peak meter
Bojo software - impulse and organ one now freeware Smile
Boxsounds - Dragon II, Voctapus (great vocoder)
C-Plugs - FFT spectrum analyzer, very accurate instrument tuner
Camel Audio - PhatFree - Distortion + Compressor
Christian Budde - Bugpass, Phasebug, Tina Turner, Toadstunnel, and more!
Cockaigne VST Plugs - good synths like morpheus
Concrete FX - QSpectrum
ConcreteFX Freebies - Link2 - some really nice ones here - like Ensembler !
ConcreteFX Rock - Two Osc Synth hybrid - solid reviews !
Delaydots - PitchWorx DX (freeware), Synare plug-in for FXPansion's DR-008
Dexter Synths
DigitalFishPhones - THD, endorphin, dominion, the fish fillets, normalizer
Elemental Audio Systems Inspector - Spectrum Analyzer, Meter
Elevayta - Wide Boy is a nice freeware stereo widener gadget
EnergyXT Resource Page
ERS - Lazysnake, PolyIblit, Drumular, Redshift Audio Vendetta, Drums, Iblit
Exponent - Delta filter, phase, ping, space, force, s-cal
Farb-rausch - vocal synth - brand spanking new Smile
Free Espace Cubase List
Free Sonic Spot - Free huge list of freebie VST plugs from the years
Free Synth Links - geared towards fxpansion, but a nice list
Free Xelenio List
Free VST Listing by Sadglad Ultimate - amazing !!!
Freeware Older Database List
Freeware VST List - great site but in japanese but still navigable
Freeware VST Effects Roundup - great list by Dingo865
Fretted Synth - Wah synths and effects, CC multi midi plugins
G200kg - ProtoPSG psg-004, Freqatic ver.0.4, KusoSynth Version 0.5
Glen Stegner
Glitch VST - Smartelectronix
Glitch VST
Green Machine - AMP II, Gate, WAH, Little Booster
Insert Piz Here - Mr Alias, blood bucket, junkmaster, randomid, yarkor, robot juice, illogic
InstaJungle - Dub Scrolls - Siren, Tape + Bionic + Analogic Delay, Echomania
iZotope Vinyl
JustJ - Poisonator, RoboDrum, Roboline, Robosynth, Talon JustJ, TheKnob
Juno6 Emu
JX Plugins
Kiesel Soft - Delay from helga
Kjaerhusaudio Classic Series - chorus, comp, delay, eq, flanger, limiter, phaser, reverb - hi quality! - Sonic - great synth!, Rebel2max, Ninja - cult synth
Krakli - multiple free synths and effects like vurtbox, effem, superring, ezpoly
Kuniox - sampler that plays .aiff - great VST site, information, downloads - Syntar - great sitar emu, and other vsti's
Le Barrail
Le Projet Flou - Midi lfo and several other useful plugs
Luxonix LFX-1310 - free VST multi-effector - 24 types of algorithm, 3 serial slots
MDA Plugs - a TON of free vsts
MDSP - Smartelectronix
MGAudio - Tempo Delay, Trigger Gate
Mr Ray - Rhodes emulator
MultiFXVST - free - big pack of "older" freebies
Mutagene - Macomate 88, POCAS, Mukoco Comb Filter, 2WarpDelay, Mutant Koto, qWarpFilter
NDC Plugins - Buffer synth, cycle shifter, dist, reversinator, so many more!
Nexoft - Loopazoid drum sampler
Nomad Free Bundle - Phaser, Tremolo, Sweeper
Novaflash - Virtual analog synths - xmax, zero, microgram m1, ouputer, snip
Novakill - synthedit joykiller, karmakiller, lovekiller, original synths!
NuSofting - freebies - Kazootronica, Kaotica, microrock, micromono
Obertone - SpectriX - filterbank, exciter, asymetric filtering
Ohm Force Frohmage - Frohmage rox
Oli Larkin - Adv MidiGate, Gatecomb+freeze, Formant, Stepcomb, GrooveMod, Chopper
Oxe - nice FM synth
PDVST - load pd plugins as vst
Phasic - several audio signal mod plugins
Plugsound Free
ProjectOne P1-Tapedelay
PV Plugings
Refined Audiometrics
Rekliner - LoopyLlama and TremoLlama
ReVisit - VST Tracker
RGC Audio SFZ - freeware soundfont vsti sampler, also triangle I + II
Richard Brooks - free Arp 2600
Rick Jelliffe
Rumpelrausch Taips - Crazy Diamonds, check the homepage too Smile
Safwan Matni - Kunan, Strings, Piano, Accordian emus
Sam - Chip32 and VOPM
Sampletank Free
Silverspike - RoomMachine 844, Ray Tube, TapeIT
Simulanalog - guitar suite - great amplifier stimulator
Sinus Freeverbs
SIR convolution reverb - A great freebie - loads any wav as a waveform
SKNote - Traks VSTi time stretching
SK Synths - Ganymed, FM synths, VivaldiMX - 16 midi channels in one plugin - Lots of good stuff! - Ambience great reverb
Softrave - Fondue, Harmonium EMU, idm, radio, mandala, etc
Sonic Assault
Space Window - Artphase, Disphase
Steinberg VB-1 - Bass guitar emu
Stumm PG-23P 1.0 - Mute - Aaron Mccammon
Subduer - dual osc polyphonic subtractive synth with multiple effects - Stepchild - 32 step sequencer and more
Subtrakt 5.1 - 6-Osc Surround Synthesizer
Super Eel - Sadglad - Dodo Bird - like Kantos, Alien Solo

Superwave P8 - extremely powerful freeware synth
Synth1 VST - it is modelled on the Clavia Nord Lead 2Red Synth
Syntedit - make your own vst plugins
Synthmaker - GUI-driven VST/VSTi creator with SSE optimization
TK plugins - Some SICK VST plugins!
ToTc Productions
TubeBaby - tube guitar amplifier - great and free !
Tweakbench - dozens of GREAT free vstis and effects - Check out pressure!
Twitch VSTi - Nice Drummachine coded by Cactus aka M. Höglund
Virsyn microTera - precursor of the great Tera
Voxengo - Several Freebies
Waka X Slicer Pink Ninja
Whitenoiz Memory Phrase Sampler
Wombat - tons of great freeware synthedits
Xtal Free mp3 dj vsti - Mac
Yohng VSTs - Created a nice piano, bass, rhodes, e-piano
ZynAddSubFX - multi-timbral synth - very good, can create infinite sounds