mate this is fantastic, your best one yet IMO, great to hear this sort of stuff coming from your camp. It holds a great BIG ROOM atmosphere throughout the set and i didn't get sick of one track, kept me on the edge of my seat so to say. All your tricks and shit are awesome and very clean. Were you using three decks? cdj maybe? None the less awesome, I think im going to have to get my ass along to technoirs nyd party for a bit if this is on the bill. This ones going in my sig, mite have to rip a few loops to if thats cool with you? Great stuff mate, hopefully this is the future of things to come its new, its hard/fast and its not stuck in that late 90's early 2000's tech the vocal stuff going on to. And im not just saying this for sayings sake, its honestly (IMHO) great work keep it up.