Im still a bit of a n00b with all this but here's my most recent set, Its tech-house, done on traktor just the other day.

Starts in the deeper side of tech-house and moves into more big room sounds after a bit of deep electro after the halfway mark. beatmatching is only slightly off in bits but hard to tell.
All i do is try to mix what i would love to hear in a club and in that respect i reckon its a killer.

Ive got a few sets dl'ing from here as i type this il try give some feedback and id REALLY appreciate if someone could do the same, love to know what you think.


Dusk 'Til Dawn-- 1:02:45, 86.1MB @ 192kbps

Lee Burridge - Do you smoke Pot?

Sander Van Dorn - By Any Demand ft MC Pryme - Peter Gelderblom Mix

Steve Porter, Lee Burridge - Raw Dog

Andain- Beautiful Things (Josh Gabriel Mix)

Tomcraft - Escape from New York

Rasmus Faber - Get Over Here (Cato's 202 Mix)

Chicken Lips - He Not In (Vandalism Vocal Mix)

Tomcraft, Republica - Ready to Go (Club Mix)

Dave Spoon - This Machine feat. Penny Foster (Tom Neville Remix)

James Harcourt - Tease (Shiloh Remix)

Luke Chable, Shiloh - Sentrino


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"I'd say he's more of a music slut than a whore. Whores get paid, sluts don't they just love it. Keeping your musical legs open and getting pile driven by techno while tech house gives you the reach around."