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DJ Mix (When Androids Learn How to Love)

1. Intro
2. The System - You Are In My System [Polydor]
3. Daniel Wang - Glimmer In His Eyes [Environ]
4. Michael Jackson - Rock With You [Epic]
5. Moodymann - Sunshine [Peacefrog]
6. Omar S - Set It Out [FXHE]
7. Escort - Starlight (Darshan Jesrani's Parks Dept. Dub) [Escort]
8. Metro Area - Soft Hoop [Environ]
9. Prince - Lady Cab Driver [Warner Bros]
10. Chin Chin - You Can't Hold Her [Dialect Recordings]
11. Intermission
12. Hercules & Love Affair - Classique #2 [DFA]
13. Oasis - Oasis 13 [FXHE]
14. Orgue Electronique - The Garden [Creme Organisation]
15. Black Devil Disco Club - I Regret the Flower Power [Lo Recordings]
16. Arthur Russel - Get Around To It [Audika]
17. Herbert - Reprise [K7!]

A DJ Mix about love, tragedy and hope.
... any thoughts/opinions more than welcome.


ill be downloading this soon (not at work for a while, and i like to use their hefty bandwidth for downloads)

it is a cool tracklisting. that oasis/omar s stuff is so versatile.
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