....I've been trying to do a 'best of 2007' mix (or two) for the past couple of weeks but it just hasn't been coming together the way I'd like it. So I decided to leave it for a bit and put a new podcast together with some of my more recent tunage. I think/hope it worked quite well. It's quite deep and stripped back at times but hopefully there's enough energy and flow in there for everyone....

stu kelly podcast # 6 - ice breaker

1. son of raw – black man in space
2. efdemin – lohn & brot (tobias remix)
3. mountain people – mountain people 5.2
4. the martinez brothers – my rendition (tmb main mix)
5. jarno – memories
6. consistent – proper balance
7. friendly people – music is improper (martin buttrich remix)
8. jeff samuel – terso
9. muallem – i came to jack
10. matthias tanzmann – rugby (mathias kaden’s penalty kick remix)
11. piemont - ignition spark
12. julien jabre - the stook
13. donnacha costello – black bag job (737)
14. sis – orgsa
15. motor city drum ensemble – breath control
16. gruber & nuernberg – floating cloud in summer

....hope you likey
>> Deep House n' Disco <<

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