Here's my latest recorded mix.
Just me grabbing some new tracks I got the other day, couple of them I'd never played before.

Warning the sound quality is not very good and the highs get a bit screechy so i recommend turning your speakers/headphones down before listening

1.) Nick Coleman - Faces of Meth (Chardy Remix)
2.) Silent Breed - Sync In (Popof Remix)
3.) RPO - Australia (RPO Part 1)
4.) Glenn Morrison - Contact (Original)
5.) Glenn Morrison - Circles (Original)
6.) Pryda - Genesis (Original) [Vinyl]
7.) Shena - Electrosexual (Aston Shuffle Mix)
8.) David Vendetta Feat. Rachel Starr (Arno Cost Remix)
9.) Surkin - Radio Fireworks (Riot In Belgium remix)
10.) Bag Raiders - Nil by Mouth (reprise)

11-january-2008 mp3.mp3 - 44.19MB

The mix into Genesis isn't in time very well because it was on Vinyl and while i was riding the pitch and trying to mix it the phone rang..

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