This was recorded on sunday 20th jan and is one of my best sets yet in terms of recording quality. Its definitely upbeat techno built from melodic appreciated, hope you enjoy!

Silverlining – Falko Brocksieper
Mispent Years (Silicone Soul Darkroom Dub) – Schatrax
Smoke – M1
Diesel Shower – Angel Anx
Artefact (Noir’s re-edit mix) – Ale Avila
Bamboo (Format B remix) – Rainer Weichhold
Blueberry (Blueberry remix 1) – Delsyd 25, Simone Tavazzi
Breeze (Luca Bacchetti remix) – I-Rob
Swedish Silver (Paco Osuna remix) – Adam Beyer
Enter the Drum – Audiojack
Work Me (Maetrik remix) – Bumpin’ Ugly
Naco – Simon and Shaker
Past Days (Presslaboys remix) – Bradler, Hurtig
Tribute to Kitman – Sourcecode, Al Keegan