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New mix from me, first one in about 3-4 months now. I'm pretty happy with it.

approx 55mb and 60mins.

1. Mark Farina - Radio (Phil Weeks Dub)
2. John Larner - 2 Cool 2 Dub
3. Tommy Largo - Robbin & Stealin (Hawleys Criminal Mix)
4. Digital Minds - Funk From My Trunk
5. Vernon & DaCosta - Fat and Curious
6. DJ Timothee & Smart Dog - The Paper Is Not Cry
7. Western Union - Around The West
8. Pound Boys - Be With You
9. Tommy Largo - Robbin & Stealin
10. DJ Fluid Pres. Omega - Keep On (Chuck Love Top Coast Remix)
11. LadyBug Mecca - Dogg Starr (HOdges Junction Remix)
12. Hustlin Blow - Life Has Changed
13. Western Union - Who Ya Gonna Call?
14. Joey Youngman - My First Love


Hope you all enjoy

so finally got around to listenin to your mix, its a style that touches bass with me, started off great with teh mark farina - radio track ( one of my fav's ) the western union around the world track was suprisingly good, the mixing was pretty spot on, an when the "who you gonna call" track came on i pissed myself laughin, absolute classic, ahahah, its glad to see not everyone out there takes things so sreiously, i've got that song playing now, its a little gem,
overall i really enjoyed it,
in teh process of getting your afternoon sessions one now,
cant wait to hear it
keep em commin