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so finally got around to listenin to your mix, its a style that touches bass with me, started off great with teh mark farina - radio track ( one of my fav's ) the western union around the world track was suprisingly good, the mixing was pretty spot on, an when the "who you gonna call" track came on i pissed myself laughin, absolute classic, ahahah, its glad to see not everyone out there takes things so sreiously, i've got that song playing now, its a little gem,
overall i really enjoyed it,
in teh process of getting your afternoon sessions one now,
cant wait to hear it
keep em commin

Cheers mate, i'm glad you enjoyed it.

I've got another mix roughly 2hrs long that was recorded live at Alhambra in Brisbane a few weeks ago.

DjReal Live @ Therapy- Barsoma,Brisbane


approx 150mb and 2hrs in length.

Thanks to Dru K for recording this for me and Ollie for hosting it on phm.

This was recorded last night at a deep house night in Brisbane, Therapy @ Barsoma.

Thanks to the Therapy crew for having me down too!

1 - buck naked - stressed the fuck out
2 - olivier desmet - disco dust
3 - ricardo rae - be bop
4 - vernon & dacosta - fat & curiuos
5 - western union - around the west
6 - pushing boundaries - keep it goin (ricardo rae remix)
7 - mario fabriani - attack of the disco bubbles
8 - zhane - hey mr dj (random soul bootleg)
9 - dj fluid pres. omega - keep on
10- terminator x - boogie that be
11- the lemon pesterer - make it
12- bryan jones - baby fever
13- tommy largo - i need sum
14- mike jules - pop muzik
15- baxendale - i built this city
16- maverick renegade - bust a what?
17- green velvet - shake & pop (dj sneak remix)
18- dj timothee & smart dog - the paper is not cry
19- pound boys - be with u
20- dj homewrecker - step daddy (mastik soul's step up dub)
21- chuck daniels - state to state
22- chris harris & dominic martin - da sound
23- mark farina - radio (phil weeks dub)
24- digital minds - funk from my trunk
25- chris harris & dominic martin - sneakerz
19/11 - Outside @ Electric Playground
26/11 - Outside @ Electric Playground