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So you seemed intent for feedback so I've given this a good listen.
I could probably write a fair bit but my major comments would be that the tunes are great – I think you have good taste in tunes, nothing too chuggy and dull and nothing too overboard.

The first time I saw the tracklist I considered the idea of going from Snuka to Feuervogel a bit ambitious – its these kind of transitions that don’t make loads of sense to me. You’ve got the skills to layer them long enough to smooth it out but from the perspective of a club set, I just the intensity transition between the two tracks wouldn’t make sense to a floor. The whole mix is kinda like that – up and down – bouncy to padded, bouncy to padded. I think your skills helped it work, but if this were a club set I’d just kinda find the flow of a bit all over the shop. Perhaps start with the deeper stuff, move into bouncier/drum-driven tunes – ride those for a bit then bring it back down?

Anyway, its far from a crap mix, don’t get me wrong – I liked listening to it – you mix in time, phrased well and in key – that puts you way ahead of a lot of DJs. Just work on your programming (which is the hardest thing, IMO).

Keen for your next one - if I didn't like the tunes, I wouldn't bother!

Wicked to hear from you man. Means a lot as i really like your taste in tracks.

Essentially, i've transitioned from a fairly long period of playing hard dance a few years back, being out of the game for a couple of years and im just trying to find my feet tunes wise now playing this stuff. I just grabbed a bunch of recent downloads i've been diggin for this particular set and had a go at fitting them togehter.

I think a lot of what makes djs programming suffer at the moment is Ableton. Its MUCH easier to make transitions between tracks that don't flow well than ever before, and even as experienced as I am, im struggling a bit to program sets that flow with this music cause it's all to tempting to stuff two tracks together that shouldnt go just for the fun of it