A bit of a rough'n'ready mix of original material, both recent and slightly-less-recent. Done live, so there are bits of the mix that are less than polished, but would appreciate any feedback as I'm planning to use this (or something like it) to start spruiking for gigs around town (=Amsterdam).


All tracks by Vitreous, except the first one, 'Sunshine', by Ponder & Vitreous:

Ponder & Vitreous, 'Sunshine', 00:00
'Pine', 05:55
'Lowball', 10:11
'Waah', 14:55
'Basmati', 19:20
'Blue LED', 25:20
'Emix', 31:06
'Lekker', 38:05

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Vitreous & Segue, 'Pine', available now through Smash Bang Records!