My first mix up on ITM - some tech-house, house, progressive and a little minimal in here for you... all on vinyl and into my shite DJM-500.
I know some of the mixes are shit (one in particular), but i liked the flow and decided i just wanted to get some thing out there...

1. Nacho Marco - Wench (Francois Dubois Remix)
2. Headfunk - Caned & Able (Up in Smoke Mix)
3. Tigerskin - Nonchalant
4. Solomun - Black Rose (Tricksi Remix)
5. The Fix - Medication Time (Rob Mello' No Ears Mix)
6. Rogriguez Jr - Rubbo Swingo
7. Popof - Toxic Love
8. Koletzki and Meindl - Tiger, Or Cyclone? (Don't actually know which track is which - white label FLASH008 )
9. Paul Nazca - 1962 Pacific Nuclear Tests
10. Oxia - Lost Memory
11. Nicolette - No Government (Tocadisco Lazy Days Remix)
12. Elevation & F12 Remixes - Hideo Kobayashi Remix (Track C1 - don't know what it's a remix of... help here?)
13. Will Saul - Sequential Circus (Gui Boratto Remix)
14. Tigerskin - Holy Grail (Vintage Dub Mix)
15. Umek and I Turk - Anxious On Demand
16. Tricksi - Move Me (Phonique Remix)
17. Asli - Springsequence (Westpark Unit Remix)
18. Justus Kohncke - Spakhafte Fernwirkung

75minutes, 100mb