coded > paris [back room techno 4.08]

A mix bought about in part from an inspirational visit I had to Paris last month. Such a melting pot of electronic music. I set myself the task of trying to recreate the sound of a great night out I had in a little techno club near the Latin quarter. Place was dark, sweaty, full of strobe lights and smoke so I felt right at home.
I managed to get the name of a few of the artists and tracks that were played that night and the rest of the music are tunes which would be right at home in this club.

"Paris" was mixed live using Traktor and lightly edited in Ableton.


sean palm > corian (simon flower remix)
johnny D > tramodyssee
guido schneider > albertino
marc neyen > specters trip
likhan > terre
robosonic > die kleine prinzessin (lukasweich remix)
lucio aquilina > disco bus (roland m dill remix)
marc neyen > specters trip (kabale & liebe remix)
andomat 3000 > BND2
perc > work harder