April 08 mix.
Here is my lastest mix, Havent had much feedback on my mixing but any here it is and love to find out. I do a monthly mix for my collection. So any feedback would be grerat.

GENRE: Deep funky tech shit, dash of techno.
GEAR: CDi350 x 2 , djm600 mixer
LINKAGE: http://www.zshare.net/audio/1115934830cfff8f/

1. Akufen Deck the House
2. Justus Kohncke Station 18
3. Mathias Schaffhauser Musik Ohne Bass
4. Hug Heroes The Platform
5. MRI Digital disco
6. Meem Fayent Skint
7. Gui Boratto Mr Decay
8. Meem U Can Make It
9. Dave Basek & Phil Smart Smoke Yourself
10. Afrolectro Lectrongo
11. Terry Lee Brown Junior Chatterbox
12. Jimster Dangly Panther
13. Jamie Loyd Sabana Sally
14. Consistent Sing Along Record
15. Tom Clark & Markus Schatz Scribble Mania
16. Consistent Got to Be
17. Kawabata Persuasion