My mixed set at Step Inn 24th April 2008
This is a mix I made of my set at The Step Inn on the 24th April 2008. I made it a couple of days before I was due to play. Channel 2 on my mixer is playing up and so at 15m12s it suddenly cuts out for about 7 seconds. Apart from that it is a nice tight harmonic keyed mixing machine. The intro is 2 minutes and I made it on my PC using 'Acid Pro 6' and some of the many thousands of samples I have. It has a Willy Wonka part, a Public Enemy part and a couple of other bits n pieces I found on my hard-drive. The playlist is listed below. It is one continous track, I don't break it up into tracks. I mixed this set on my pair of Pioneer CDJ1000's MK3 and a Numark DXM06 mixer. Listen, enjoy and if u feel inspired please leave a comment.

The website is

I'm under the artist name 'cooltempoze' or under the genre description of 'breaks' Cheerz...Cooltempoze

1. Intro

2. Hyperion - On The Expressway (Original Mix)

3. Slyde - Kiss Kiss My Dub (Original Mix)

4. Beat Assasins - Bounce

5. The Young Punx - Rockall (Phonat Mix)

6. Autobots & Screwface - Flesheater (General MIDI Remix)

7. Dopamine - System Error (General MIDI Remix)

8. General MIDI - F.U.N.K.

9. Dylan Rhymes & Jono Fernandez feat. Seany B - Breathe General MIDI Remix)

Here is the link where I uploaded my mixed set. You can download it.