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i has in my possession a link that leads to the set i performed at minimal x-posure on march 29, 2008 in front of dozens of adoring fanboyz. (ie. richard parker)

stuff wot i played:

01. markojux - submarine blues [miniatura]
02. neurotron - is here any body out there [deepindub]
03. jon doe - gutter lust (carlo remix) [stir sound]
04. breach boutique - rationale [pinksilver]
05. miguel colmenares - neutralize [pinksilver]
06. richard parker - sagamatha [richardparker.com]
07. deep source project - out there [deepindub]
08. sten d. - itaca [kreislauf]
09. emmerichk - cy-borg [konfort]
10. socks and sandals - lucidrill [ unfoundsound]
11. shin - to live (through your lies) [persistantbit records]
12. pakt - whopwhop [loopzilla]
13. tleilaxu - bonedry [unfoundsound]

linky linky

Nice one Bill!
Some cool deep sounds there and mixed sweetly.