Hi heres a link to my newest mix, it's a bit of Minimal and Tech House to get your bums wiggling... Let me know what you think!!


1.Heinrichs & Hertenfelner - Free

2.Andre Crom - Vogelgripe

3.Martin Landsky - Rugged

4.Andre Crom - Reiner Wahnsinn

5.4x4 Beats - Katodo

6.Someone Else - Funky Fromage (David Last mix)

7.Majik Johnson - Asylum Sneaker (Worthy mix)

8.3 Abnormal Boys - Keep It

9.Massi DL & Xpansul - Nerd Beats

10.Harry Axt - Riffler

11.Heinrichs & Hertenfelner - Ear Worm

12.Tech Riders - Shinonome

13.Andomat 3000 - Hominid

14.Barem - Down There

15.JPLS - Twilite 1 (Skoozbot mix)


Also here's a link for my last mix:

"Sub Tropical"

1.John Mellor – Gone Fishing (Danny Lilwalls Fishing On Ket mix)

2.Roman Fluegel – Mutter

3.Pan-Pot – Crank

4.Mark Henning – Vriggle

5.Kellerkind – Bergluft

6.MyMy – Eleventh Hour

7.Kollecktiv Turmstrasse – Grillen I'm park

8.Baggy Bukaddor - & Tim Fishbeck – Campus

9.Bearweasel – Drummer

10.Steffan Linzatti – Forshadowing

11. The Mountain People – Mountain 005.1

12.Damian Schwartz – Las Abuelas (Barem mix)

13.Pan-Pot – Lancelot Von Camelot (Barem mix)

14.Someone Else – Play It Kershaw (Easy Changes mix)

15.Alex Young & Artech – Minimalesk

16.Steffan Linzatti – Quibble

17.Lucio Aquilina – Magic M


"Turtle Head"


"Sub Tropical"