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Re: Crisis.

As has been said before, great tunage, rubbish mixes.

However, getting to hear some of the best tracks on the planet that other people weren't playing, at a time when the majority (DJs included) were obsessed with the same 20 odd italian-esque anthems, which hardly take one anywhere musically, Crisis was an innovator for Sydney during the early to mid 90s.

Such a shame his mixing was quite often woeful. I still absolutely dig much of the tracks he sourced.

Playing 3 decks like he did with those tracks was unheard of back in the day... the man had Carl Cox standing in the middle of the dancefloor nodding his head with respect at one party!

Kicked so much arse over everyone else (except Hi-Shock); the parties always got so damn mental when he stepped up!

Fuck clean mixing when the tunage and energy was so intense!

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