Something very interesting that i discovered last week, for those of you that crave the 'analogue desk' sound... Acusticaudio's Nebula.
Sadly atm it's only PC VST...

In short - it's a distortion modelling engine - similar to convolution, but FAR more detailed (rather than taking a single impulse, it takes a very extended, DYNAMIC impulse - meaning that distortion is modelled far better). It means that classic EQs and compressors (and reverbs etc) can sound much closer to the real thing.

The full version isn't free, but you can download the free version, which includes about 500mb of samples. There are two plugins included Nebula Reverb and Nebula.
The Reverb plugin adds alot of latency, and even for the regular plugin, there's a fair bit of latency, so you'll need a host with PDC.

The standouts in this for me (and my very minimal, 20 minutes of checking), were the high shelf and on of the reverbs. I only downloaded one of the sample packs though. From memory there may be a moog filter as one sampled EQ also...?

If you don't have a decent EQ or compressor (or just want another flavour), maybe check this out!

WARNING: Nebula is very resource hungry. The plus side is that these are some damn nice emulations!