soundscreen's only 32kg/m3 as far as i know - which is OK, but not much good for frequencies under 125Hz.

Either way , treatment's going to make a massive difference to the sound of your room.

Oh, just to let you know -the FM guys said 12 sheets of S60, delivered to my house is $233 - i assume it'd be more to Melbourne, but still pretty affordable.

My big question for you guys is how do you go about spacing them off the walls (absorption is far more effective when more sound can be reflected off a wall into the absorber panel - thus with a 2" absorber having 2 inches of wall space behind it.
Surely normal frames and picture hooks don't allow for that kind of shift off the wall?
Do you just extend the four conrners an extra 2-4" off the wall so they have feet that sit on the wall, rather than the whole frame?

What've you got to sell Jude? I'm looking to buy in the next week...

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