Hey all,

Myself, Sonny Fodera and another Adelaide based DJ / producer, Elliot Ness, have started up a new house night here in Adelaide at a place called The Bunka. It kicks off this friday and I thought I would put this mix together to give a little preview as to the sort of music that we will be playing!!

Leave your feedback, would be greatly appreciated!



And here's the tracklisting...

1. Cubase Dan & Jason Merle - Recognize Me
2. Zare - Mumbo Jumbo (Unreleased)
3. Will Jax - Make A Move (Unreleased)
4. Sonny Fodera - Resurrection (Unreleased)
5. Will Jax - Get Up Get Down (Combined's Open Mind Remix - Unreleased)
6. Sonny Fodera - Lose My Mind (Unreleased)
7. James Shoji and Sonny Fodera - Subsonic
8. Erik Bo & Tony Will - Disco Me Disco Ya
9. Will Jax - I'm A Rebel (Unreleased)
10. Combined - The New Strut (Unreleased)
11. Mr Tunes - Pebbles In The Sky
12. NonoBrown - Together

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