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Hey Lani!!

Nope, still in Tokyo - 8 years soon, but still loving the crazy place!

How's tricks?

Good mate... very good. Jst wking and shit. My step dad just purchased a club in Traralgon. I know of all the bloody places. Spose it's better than Morwell. I'm gonna be promo manager for it. Jst waiting on Reno's to be finished. Also setting up another Oz tour for my live vocal set. O/s next.

U have to check this shit track i've written. U may have heard it already but i did the final mix and i'm over it. So much fun though.

Yr sound is rocking it. Ta for all the links!


OMG. I love Panda's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! Are panda's found in Japan and China??? I kno me so dumb sum time...Hehehehehehehe