This baby's the latest from Veronica du Lac - with a rather sizzling remix by Bill Youngman.

Sample sounds here: Because It Pays So Thin


"Veronica du Lac brings together Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody) and Kana Masaki (DJ Kana Kani) over in Tokyo, Japan, a collaborative pairing that pushes the perimeters of contemporary minimal directions by introducing orchestral tune-up flourishes, robotic vocals, tinkering sound frequencies, and a Green Velvet kick, to earth-shattering effect.

Getting Bill Youngman in on the remix was something both Andrez and Kana aspired toward, and the Berlin-based Tresor veteran (and frequent Tobias Schmidt collaborator) has here let down neither: His remix is true to the intent of the original, then sears its way into the psyche in completely unexpected, lurching, mind-bending machine-made ways. Itís so glorious, it aches.

Think techno made in the 22nd Century and youíre only part-way there."

Little Nobody + Funk Gadget = Tokyo

'Metropolis How?' 12" remixed by James Ruskin
'The Condimental Op' vinyl remixed by AUX 88

+ '100 Years of Vicissitude' novel
+ 'Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat' novel