couple deepchild newies...
First up,

A brand-newie on the lovely Kaato Music this week! Support from Steve Lawler, Jacob London, Alex Flitsch (CONNAISSEUR) and more. Fresh off the boat, this one...I think perhaps out tomorrow

Midwest Booty EP
Kaato Music

Nice review/listening samples here


Stripjoint Mathematics EP

i-DJ Magazine - *Top Tune* - “Yes, yes and thrice YES! An absolute belter of a package here. The original is a wonk-heavy wiggler with a messy pitched-down vocal incantation, but predictably, the increasingly untoucable Jet Project steal the show with an absolutely barnstorming remix. Worthy’s on hand with a backroom friendly cut, and ‘Turkish Poison’ rounds off the collection nicely. Fill ‘yer boots. 10/10″

“boomshackalacka boombastical!”
Justin Martin (Dirtybird)

Kiki – “Yeah! Both originals are dope! Killer release!”

Luke Solomon - “SICK!”

Troy Peirce (MINUS)

Hannah Holland - (Bugged Out / Trailer Trash) - “Sikkk release, love stripjoint mathematics great record for of character…”

Craig Morrison - (Silicone Soul) - “Loving the Jets mix and the original being playing it loads already!”

Nick Carrelli - (MYNC) - “Wicked!! Keep em coming…!”

Paco Osuna - “I really like all this ep even the rmxs !”

Gregor Tresher - “Worthys Mix is the one for me, cool bouncing groove - will def play this out.”
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