Midwest Booty EP, beatport link - now available on Kaato Music.

Next up, I've got a special new 3-tracker for:

Resopal Shallware, in around 6 weeks... Stay tuned.

Did I MENTION how exciting it is to have so much dope new AUSSIE stuff coming out atm? BRILLIANT! I'm still particularly hyped by Mike Callander's latest effort. Dopeness. Keep it comin' pirates! Please check out the Pinksilver stuff too - some really thoughtful, new, minimal-leaning bits...A label well supporting. AND (finally!) some new stuff from Jimi Polar on Junkbeats coming soon...as well as rumors of a new album from Jamie Lloyd soon. Proper!

What you got in the pipelines, Vancy?
"Show me a man who resorts to violence and I'll show you a man who has run out of ideas."
-Nicholas Spilger.


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