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I asked before what program to use but no one answered me! how do you get all those pretty pictures? photoshop? i aint go no photoshop in my basement

Just use Paint or something similar. You don't need mad skillz to be able to do it - how do you create cover art for demo's you send to prospective promoters?

This is something I did in paint in 5 seconds, I used a photo from ITM galleries and inverted the colors and cropped the dj's head out... If this can be done in 5 seconds, imagine what you can do with a bit of thought (original image here: http://www.inthemix.com.au/photos28/.../aao.sized.jpg)

Maybe make a collage of photos of you and your mates partying.... 100 small images that make up a cool "album cover"

Ps: Marquis - if you still visit these forums, I'd like to see another mix from you as it would fit nicely in here... I still give the one you gave me at Dirty Donkey a regular spin