Have downloaded pretty much all these mixes and listened to them! Totally vibing the following:

Brut 33 - Forbidden Fruit
I'm yet to get to a Paradise Lost, but after hearing this, I'm totally keen.

Frenzie - Tonic
Such a nice, laidback groove throughout. Was listening to it while sitting outside in the sun today and couldn't stop grinning.

Neil UPP - Acid Mix
A man after my own heart. I ADORE acid house. Prob my fav mix I've downloaded all year.

Nonamaka - August Mix
Dark, rolling, minimal techno. In a market flooded with shit, generic pseudo "techno", this is the perfect example of what you can come up with when you put some thought in to your purchases and actually make an effort to dig a little beyond the top ten of the techno section on Beatport.

Magda - Speakeasy Promo
I've always liked Magda's tune selection and this is no exception. "Slow burner" is the perfect description, the kinda mix you can put on and just let it melt away part of your day.

Stu Kelly - Cranky Pants
I love deep house.

Daniel Stubbs - Fresh Meat Mix
Daniel is one of my favourite DJs and I always eagerly await his mixes. This is just another example of why he's fucking fantastic.

Stay tuned (like...an hour or so) for my contribution!


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