Okay, I have completed said mixtape I alluded to earlier! Here's an essay length post about it...

Andrew Wowk: Midnight In The Darkest Corners of My Mind

Essentially, this mixtape is a musical exploration of my darker side...it's all those tracks that appeal to the part of me that isn't about sunshine and lollipops. It incorporates influences from a number of genres, including trip-hop, industrial, drum & bass, dubstep, drone, and more. It's not a DJ mix, and it's not a dancefloor mix, it's a conceptual exploration of my interpretation of the word "dark" using my collection of music.

People will notice two things in this mix: distortion and a fair amount of Nine Inch Nails. The distortion I assure you is part of a lot of the tracks, so don't be concerned your speakers/headphones are fucked. The Nine Inch Nails...well...I just really, really like Trent Reznor. However, my inclusions of NIN tracks have tended to be ones I think aren't overplayed or "anthems" by any stretch of the imagination (and there's a couple of remixes in there too).

I've probably taken the "mixtape" idea to the extreme, because, really, there's practically no DJ mixing in here at all...there's like one transition where I manage to actually beatmix, but mostly it's stop/start or stuff where outros/intros mix together...there's just too much erratic shit going on in a lot of these tracks and bpm wise they are widely different in a lot of cases (and I'll happily admit I am not a turntablist so scratching/other trickery to mix the tunes together were out of the question). Plus there's even some mixing mistakes in there (eg cueing a track with the fader up by mistake and one or two bits of erratic levels throughout), but I decided to leave the mistakes in there, because this mixtape was never meant to be me showing off my technical skills.

It's two hours long, which I know is long, but, I struggled to really get the sort of breadth I wanted to get and programming I wanted to achieve with anything shorter, so I hope you enjoy the whole length of it!

Tracklist/dodgy artwork and download link below!



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