Alpharisc, one of Melbourne's original Techno kids is back for an exclusive E.P on Tranztek! After being out of the scene for some 5 years now...we made it a mission to track Alpharisc down in hopes of getting some new material. As well as releasing some of those classics that although were featured on many of the Wet Musik compilation cds, never saw any official label releases. We've done just that! 6 tracks on offer here. Eastern, Define Live & Homeless being first created in 1999. Also 3 new tunes. Deltbat which is a fusion of Techno and Dubstep. Horus brings a nice uplifting tech trance vibe & a remix of the classic "Eastern" by label manager and Aussie nu breed techno producer Chris Dynasty.

From the days when Melbourne was once hailed as "Techno City" we give a tribute to one of the original pioneers of the sound that runs deep in so many in Melbourne and beyond.

1. Define Live
2. Deltbat
3. Eastern
4. Eastern(Chris Dynasty Remix)
5. Homeless
6. Horus

New one on my label. Check it out, leave a comment. Cheers ^O^