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Expensive doesn't equal excellent taste though. I have always preferred single malts cause, like db said, more character.

I tried it last night - was unbelievably smooth and rich but I dunno, it just seemed to lack a wow factor or something unique. This is just being pedantic about it of course, on the whole it's pretty amazing.

Anyway, it's back on the shelf now for very special occasions only.

Yeah expense doesn't equal great flavor profile eg tried a $2500 (will have to get back to you on the name of it though) single malt however didn't like that as much as I liked the middleton 43yo Irish single malt.
But all of them have a place weather it be Chivas, Black Label, Dimple or Laphoraig, Ardbeg, Taliska.
Blends are usually about consistancey single malts are about luxury.