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Anyone know any good tube-warmers like anteres tube that are free?

I was searching out good tube emulators a while back, and did manage to come across a couple. Not sure how they compare to Antares, but there were a few good ones. Based off of the notes I took at the time:

  • TLs Saturated Driver This was probably my favorite one. I think the guy who made this retired from making plug ins, but still has them posted for downloading. Windows only though, so I don't use it regularly.
  • Ruby Tube Sounds decent, but keep the drive down.
  • Ferox Tape Sim This is a tape simulator as opposed to a tube emulator, but might provide the sound you are looking for.
  • Tal-Tube This is one of the few Mac ones, I use it on almost everything. You can push the Drive settings and it still sounds great. Just got their reverb plug in too, it's probably going to end up being my favorite 'verb plug in.
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