Sweet, Haul 06 out now!



Orde Meikle (Slam)
nice and old school - melodic techno - cool trax

Like the original and Christian Vance mix. Nice one.

Haul Music always manages to bring the best of Melodic Techno with its
intimate and talented family. Thanx....Ekko......

Gel Abril
christian vance mix is very nice will defo try this out tnx

Jamie Stevens (Infusion)
Had the original for a while and think it's an absolute gem! Mike's
mix has all the experimental exuberance that's his hallmark. Gorgeous
remix! Also a BIG fan of Vance's added bounce 'n groove- Almost like a
latin DJ Pierre which is cool for an Austrian residing in Melbourne.

Hernan Cattaneo
good stuff

Cristian Varela
Nice Atmos!

DJ Misjah
awesome trax

Patrick Chardronnet
mike callander mix!!!! very good!!!

Deepchild (Get Physical / Dieb Audio)
Some well moody shnizzle from Callander in the mix....lovin' Haul
Music right now. Proper, innit!

Tom Wax (YOU FM)
Like the summer vibe of the Original!

Dave Seaman
christian vance mix is quite cool

Ramon Tapia
vance remix

Chris Source (Underworld, Vendetta, Sprout)
The Christian Vance walk home Mix is really cool.

nice one. will check it out

Alex Kenji (303Lovers / Hotfingers)
my favourite is the original mix, a very nice mix between house and
techno. As well, Christian Vance mix is very good

Kosmas Epsilon (Epsilon Trax)
original & christian vance mixes are awesome! there's that oldschool
melodic vibe that gets me in a good mood. love it

I like the Original.....Tidy Stuff

Jim Rivers
llike the orig mix best here, thanks

Jim Masters
haul does it again all 3 mixes ready to rock, christians walk home mix is hot!

full support!!!!!

Dimitri Nakov (Tronic / emFire)
Some one has been listening to Manuel Gootsching and Sueno Latino, but
I am listening, playing and charting this. .. Summer vibes .. nice!

DJ Schwa (Shades of Gray)
Christaian Vance mix for me! Awesome

Anthony Pappa
All of the tracks are really good. My favourite is the "Christian
Vance Walk Home Mix" and l will play this out. Thanks. Pappa.

Dyno (Hell Yeah)

C-Rock (Motorcitysoul / Cocoon)
Christian Vance Walk Home Mix here, nice contemp vibe!

Kasey Taylor (Vapour)
NIce Tech houser the original, full support...

Eelke Kleijn
mike's & christian's mixes are the winners for me

Omar Neri (Presslaboys)
interesting release.. overall for the melodies and atmospheres... very good

Federico Epis (GU, Audio Therapy)
Original for me ....thanks !

Alex Long (1605)
Nice one!!

Chris Fortier
wow mike

C-Jay (The Sessions)
i prefer the original. good vibe, good drive... will defo play this
out, also in my radioshow for proton radio.

Enzo Elia (Hell Yeah)
Nice project!!!! Mi favorite is Christian Vace mix. But the original
is very interesting old school style-Yo

Alex Dolby
love the christian vance remix!!

Chloe Harris (Mashtronic Rec., Proton Radio)
original for me. very groovy. i also like mikes remix. i'd play it
afterhours or making deeper wierder b-sides sets.

DJ Vibe
I'll support! Thanks...

Original is a fab slice of deep tech houseness !

Phonogenic (Mood Music / Fresh Meat)
vance rmx is the best for me here.

Montero (Renaissance)
Original and Vance mixes are cool.

very cool remix from mike callander

Mindz Kontrol Ultra
The original for me. Thanks!

Wally Lopez
Nice...will test