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into whiskey?

started off on cheap blends to get me drunk when I was young, then slowly worked my way up through better blends when I had more money, developed a taste, then discovered Laphroaig 10yo and the world of Islay single malts ...

With tequila and rum, I came in at the top end of the market, and have never been tainted by cheap and nasty stuff.

Well that explains it then I too started off with JW red and swore off all whiskey until about 4yrs ago, now I'm only allowed to drink small amounts so it's all about quality not quantity.
I decided to collect after I found out the resale value from a couple of forums and the world whiskey index. Very interesting stuff.
I can't say I have been as lucky as you in the not tasting crappy stuff but gotta go there with my job.