"Busted Piano" (Max Durante remix)

Hypnotic Room Special Edition 015

“You’ve heard of ‘funky’ right? That new style that is post-dubstep; a mix of bass, funky house, garage, tribal techno, etc, that people like Kode9 - who runs Hyperdub - are repping as cool? Well, I reckon this is kind’a funky sounding.”

So enthused Luke Snarl, one half of über-cool, long-time Sydney-based electronic music pioneers Sub Bass Snarl, when he first heard DJ Fodder’s ‘Busted Piano’ a couple of months ago.

Funky and glitchy and a slice of obscurity that is, yes, somehow housey and funky, it’s the first DJ Fodder offering in almost 10 years - and the first Fodder single since the ground-breaking ‘Cocaine Speaking’ (since remixed by Mijk van Dijk, Dave Tarrida, Captain Funk, DJ Warp and others).

Mind-bendingly innovative, we think this new and original track could help re-shape the way we listen to techno - which is why we requested veteran Rome-based DJ/producer Max Durante to remix the number.

One of the pioneers of Italian techno with Leo Anibaldi, strongly influenced by hip-hop and electro funk, Durante continues to be an exceptional talent who has worked with Anthony Rother, the D’Arcangelo brothers (Rephlex), DJ Hell, and Keith Tucker from Aux 88.

His resultant comeback mix is a fantastic ride that explores the terrain of the original but makes it housier and more suave, like a sunset track in high summer at a cool club in the Mediterranean, clubbers nursing a Campari and soda out there on the dance floor. And that 303 bassline coming in at the 3:20 mark, out of nowhere, is downright tasty.

Innovative and cool all at once, ‘Busted Piano’ is one very special double-offering.


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