IRD011 Itokim - Days of Our Lives EP

Itinerant's latest release from talented Japanese producer Itokim is nothing short of a work of art.

Detailed finer than a brand new sports car, this is guaranteed to be one of the most polished techno releases you have heard in a long time.

Impressed? We were.

1. Reflection

2. Reinvention

3. Transfixed

4. Unlocked



laurent garnier - Itokim is definitely one the best techno producer at the moment Full support from me

hernan cattaneo - very good

Orde Meikle (Slam) - very nice melodic techno - colourlress is the one for me

Nico De Ceglia (Codex/Various club/Radio 1) - Good stuff
anthony shakir - nothing less nothing more sounds like a flower blooming or the sun rise in the mormning. this track evolves.

discoscience - yep...hi quality again from one of the best producers in japan... i love all his work and will be playing this too!

Rob Warner - Excellent.. Loved the release on Nice & Nasty and this kicks ass too!
Taho (Ovum/Delsin/Fcom) - Nothing Less Nothing More is so beautiful, moving!!!!

Pedro Cali - another great release from itokim

JL (Timid Records) - Very nice ep. Deep & groovy sensations for a beautifull travel.

Aubrey - Love the feeling of this ep... great electronics....will use

Vince Watson - overall, nice meoldies and harmonies. thanks

Dylan J (Open Concept Recordings) - Another exceptional EP from Itokim. Great blend of traditional Detroit-inspired Techno and his own emotive and well-polished style.

Lee Holman - quality music from itokim again! loving two eight five and be as one!
tomaz - Very good EP with loads of emotion and soul: Which is what we need !

Christopher Colak (HalfStereo/Dinamo FM) - I love his sound. This is escellent sound, top notch techno!

Arno GONZALEZ - Really nice release... Is Detroit in Japan..? With Itokim on this Island, Maybe Thanks for the nice tracks.. Emotion, groove and deepness here !

Kuri Kondrak - "Be As One" has good club potential while managing to stay emotive. Also really enjoyed "Colourless"-interesting take on electro funk. Strong release from Itokim.
hans thalau (ferox, trenton, moonpool) - quality stuff

todd burns (resident advisor) - thanks.

Submerge 101 - Very nice Ep.

Paul Corey (209 Radio) - Itokim, one of the best around at the moment.

Motorcity (Logos) - Nice and melodic techo shit! Great release from Itokim!!!

jori hulkkonen - this stuff is right up my alley... impossible to choose afve here!

Hulstaert Laurent ( - will review...

Andrew Duke (Cognition Audioworks) - Awesome!

Samoil (Logos Recordings) - Nice EP

Sean-Michael Yoder (Big Shot Magazine) - Really like the melodies on Be As One.