a guide for Anything you need to know about mixers, CDJs and TTs
Righto guys i need some helpl, basically i want to make a thread about mixers, im gonna start one about CDJ's and TT's too

so what i want is for people to write a little review of their mixer and hopefully we can make up a guide to the mixers on the market, and hopefull should slow the " i wanna buy a mixer which one should i get" threads

So i thought up a little guide line as to how to do this

if you have anything to add to a previously listed review let me know and i will add you thoughts

Link to supplier page:
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Hopefully someone can make this a sticky and ill keep updating this first post as they come in

As for my review
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Brand: Behringer
Model: DDM4000
Link to supplier page:Here
Price: $569ish
Purchased From/Date: DJWarehouse/ April 2009
Pros: Cheap 4 Chan Mixer, Midi Capabilities, Adjustable Peramiters on almost everything, Full 32 bit Digital mixer, Comprehensive FX section, built in sampler
Cons: Behringer, poor sound quality, poor headphone jack placement, fx are pre-fader.
Rating out of 10: i wont give this a rating, see below comment
User review quick comment: i wont give this mixer a rating as it is the first and only mixer i have ever used, personally i believe its not a bad mixer but have nothing to compare it with.
Review by: DJBT

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Brand: Ecler
Model: Nuo 4
Link to supplier page:
Price: approx $800 new
Purchased From/date: Store DJ / august 08
Pros: Simple fuss free layout. Good sound quality, full kill eqs, long smooth faders, large eq knobs, external efx send/return, great cueing system, master & pfl levels next to each other, adjustable x fader, midi cabability (havent used this yet)
Cons: efx control via send return NOT simple to use however can make for interesting mixes, parts supply not readily available locally, faders tend to cut in top 15%
Rating out of 10: 8/10
User review quick comment: as a simple mixer i find this hard to beat, compared to DJM800 & xone 92 (check out the ecler Evo 4 too) i find the Nuo 4 sounds better and is much more fun to mix on. the eqs & faders are great. only mixers around this price i'd compare to are the Urei or Vestax.

Review By: dave stuart

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Brand: Ecler
Model: Evo 5
Link to supplier page: http://www.eclerdjdivision.com/produ...11&id=30&lang=
Price paid : US $ 1499 (including shipping)
Purchased From/date: Ecler dj Division, Spain 02.2008
Pros: Great Design. Oversized pots. Built in firewire soundcard. Built in effects with ability to add and create new effects. Customisable fader curves. Full Midi compatibility. Everything is software driven and can be customised and changed according to one's needs. Compatible with Traktor, SL and most other digital DJ systems. Great faders (not suitable for scratching) . Solid Build Quality. Very warm sound which is unlike any other digital mixer that i have heard. Beats most mixers in terms of sound quality(analog rotaries are in a different league)
Cons: Lack of digital inputs (no digital coax connections which is weird for a fully digital mixer). Because it is a digital mixer, chances are that if something fails, one has to restart -- have not seen it yet but have considered it to be a possibility.
Rating out of 10: 9/10
User review quick comment: This is one of the best mixers that i have used. It's expensive but it also feels expensive (unlike most other mixers like the Korgs, Pioneers etc)
Review By: SubbyBoy

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__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___
Brand: Korg
Model: Zero 4
Link to supplier page: www.korg.com/zero4
Price: $999.00 (from storedj)
Purchased From/date: Store Dj, June 2008
Pros: Built-In soundcard, traktor certified, MIDI, customisable(sp?) fader curves, effects
Cons: For some, sound quality is an issue as some models have a "buzz" that may come through, pots are pretty cramped together (I have fat fingers), pots are sensitive imo so cutting bass out you would only have to bring it down to about 9/10 o'clock.
Rating out of 10: 9
User review quick comment: This mixer has awesome capabilities, its up to the user to find what exactly they want to do with it. Personally I went for it because of the Traktor certified bit of it. I'm sure someone who has more experience using this with ableton and what not could add to this.

Review By: dudu

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Brand: Numark
Model: Matrix 3
Price: $200+ 2nd Hand (apparently $1000 new ... lol)
Purchased From/date: Cashies! errr ... Jan 08 perhaps?
Pros: uncluttered open interface, adjustable X-fader, FX processing loop, 2 way 40db kills, main, booth (both adjustable) and record outputs, PFL LEDs on each channel.
Cons: no whistles and bells ...
Rating out of 10: 8.5
User review quick comment: I picked this up from Cashies after often using one at a friend's place. Solid, reliable, everything you need in a mixer apart from FX and MIDI functions. I really can't fault this thing. I rate it 8.5 as the sound quality could be better and it doesn't have FX or other digital features. I'd rate this as a serious contender to Vestax PMC mixers, especially considering you'll get it for a whole lot cheaper.
Review By: Funkedub

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Brand: Stanton
Model: m.304
Link to supplier page: http://www.stantondj.com/v2/prod_m304.asp
Price: Paid about $50 for it
Purchased From/date: Ebay.com.au August 2008
Pros: Penny-Giles cross-fader & FX Loop, pots arnt to bad on it, kill switches are fun, great cheap starting mixer, sound wasn't to bad on it but it wasn't great.
Cons: faders fell off after about 2 weeks of mucking around, felt abit cheap (everything feels plasticy)
Rating out of 10: 6
User review quick comment: This was a mixer i bought as I saw it was only going for $50 and no one else bought it. I had fun times with it to say the least but like i said, it started to fall apart pretty quickly. The cross-fader on it is pretty darn awesome for the price.
Review By: dudu

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Brand: UREI
Model: 1605
Link to supplier page: Here
Purchased From/date:
Pros: sound and build quality, no effects
Cons: I would prefer AUX send/ return to be on rear panel. EQ zero point is at 2 o'clock
Rating out of 10: 9
User review quick comment: Awesome awesome mixer, nice big EQ knobs, awesome sound quality that has everything you need and nothing you don't.
Review By: Lloyd C

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Brand: Vestax
Model: VMC - 002xlu
Link to supplier page: http://www.vestax.com/v/products/mixers/vmc-002xlu.html
Price: ~ 250 ( Better if you can dig )
Purchased From/date: DJ Warehouse/ April this year
Pros: Nice little build to the mixer. Nothing too complex, great for Beginners learning the basics.It's an ideal choice for most non-club situations. It's compact size won't take up too much space, and it has all the necessary features for most dj's (and digital DJs now with the USB port).
Cons: Only a 2 channel mixer. No effects or anything really advanced. EQ knobs are a little small, which might not suit some people.
Rating out of 10: 6.5 ( Though I cannot compare, tis my first mixer. )
User review quick comment: Nice little solid mixer. Great for the starting Deejays! Nothing too flash or fancy but for the price -- all you need!
Review By: HDB

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Brand: Vestax
Model: PMC-50A
Link to supplier page: No longer Valid www.vestax.com
Price: New at release was about $1500 (mid '90s), I got it second hand for ~$250.
Purchased From/date: S/H in mid 2008
Pros: Four channels, smooth sounding and feeling (ALPS pots) EQs, long smooth faders with good resistance, effects send, master instert, millions of ins and outs, can change the faders for rotaries (which I'm about to do).
Cons: EQs are only +/-16dB which isn't to everyone's taste - not suited to the 'drop the bass out' type mixing, effects send is on a switch and master send and return pots, rather than individual channels - it is also a pre fader send, no cue mix.

Rating out of 10: 8/10
User review quick comment: I'm quite a fan of the mixer - I really enjoy the sound... it has a looser bottom than an A&H and a smoother top than either an A&H or Pioneer. Additionally, of course, the price was too hard to refuse and the option to change to rotaries for about $200 is pretty good, too.
Review By: ferretrock

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