a guide for Anything you need to know about CDJ's and TT's
Ill keep this post for All CDJ's and TT's and midi controllers if anyone wants to write something up about them too

if you have anything to add to a previously listed review let me know and i will add you thoughts

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As for my Review

Brand: Pioneer
Model: CDJ400
Link to supplier: Here
Price:$1000 ish
Purchased From/date: JB Hi Fi/ April 2009
Pros: Midi Capability, 0.02% pitch adjustment, Digital out, ID3 support, MP3 support, USB support,
Cons: Small Platter, price
Rating out of 10: N/A
User review quick comment: im also not going to rate this as i have not had any experience with anything else, i have had a small issue with one of mine, as it wont read any sort of CD as soon as the unit is powered up, i haven't heard of anything else like it though so it might be an isolated case
Review By: DJBT
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Brand: Technics
Model: SL1200 MKII
Link to supplier page: Panasonic site
Price: $1000 +/-
Purchased From/date: bought mine 2nd hand in 2001 for $1000 in average condition
Pros: Quartz pitch lock, aluminium die cast cabinet, direct drive motor, low acoustic feedback
Cons: 0% pitch lock aka 'the click'
Rating out of 10: 20
User review quick comment: The SL1200 MKII turntables have been the industry standard for almost 30 years, and were produced using the same blueprints since 1978. Their extremely sturdy chassis and platter, and well adjusted torque with a strong motor have made them a turntablist's dream, quickly gaining a legendary status in the DJ community, and are regarded as the greatest turntables in music history.

More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technics_1200

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