Brand: Korg

Model: Zero 4

Link to supplier page:

Price: $999.00 (from storedj)

Purchased From/date: Store Dj, June 2008

Pros: Built-In soundcard, traktor certified, MIDI, customisable(sp?) fader curves, effects

Cons: For some, sound quality is an issue as some models have a "buzz" that may come through, pots are pretty cramped together (I have fat fingers), pots are sensitive imo so cutting bass out you would only have to bring it down to about 9/10 o'clock.

Rating out of 10: 9

User review quick comment: This mixer has awesome capabilities, its up to the user to find what exactly they want to do with it. Personally I went for it because of the Traktor certified bit of it. I'm sure someone who has more experience using this with ableton and what not could add to this.

Review By: dudu
The drum solo of life!