Brand: Vestax
Model: PMC-50A
Link to supplier page: No longer Valid/out of production
Price: New at release was about $1500 (mid '90s), I got it second hand for ~$250.
Purchased From/date: S/H in mid 2008
Pros: Four channels, smooth sounding and feeling (ALPS pots) EQs, long smooth faders with good resistance, effects send, master instert, millions of ins and outs, can change the faders for rotaries (which I'm about to do) or user-replace faders or crossfader easily, fully adjustable crossfader curve, metal pots and faceplate.
Cons: EQs are only +/-16dB which isn't to everyone's taste - not suited to the 'drop the bass out' type mixing, effects send is on a switch and master send and return pots, rather than individual channels - it is also a pre fader send, no cue mix, pots are a tad cramped.

Rating out of 10: 8/10

User review quick comment: I'm quite a fan of the mixer - I really enjoy the sound... it has a looser bottom than an A&H and a smoother top than either an A&H or Pioneer. The faders are also more suited to long mixes than the A&H. Additionally, of course, the price was too hard to refuse and the option to change to rotaries for about $200 is pretty good, too.
Review By: errrr... me?

^ O rly macc4? You can change yours to rotaries can you?

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